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Julie Morrell, MFT


Have you heard of the phrase ” Emotional Intelligence” ? EQ for short? Dr. Jeanne Segal, has found that high levels of emotional intelligence consists of these five key skills:

1. The ability to quickly reduce stress.
2. The ability to recognize & manage your emotions.
3. The ability to connect with others using nonverbal communication.
4. The ability to use humor and play to deal with challenges.
5. The ability to resolve conflicts positively & with confidence.

Are you honest, #loving & forthcoming with your feelings? Honesty fueled by love is the most emotionally, powerful, #grown up way to live your life. And if you can embrace this concept in your #communication style, the people in your life will feel your love & care for them in the most #powerful way possible.

Are you a person who can truly emotionally connect with people? According to research scientist Brene Brown, If  you can emotionally connect you will then you will have these character traits below.

1) People who can connect with others can also tell their real life story with their whole heart.
2)They have the #compassion to be kind to themselves.
3)They have connection with others as a result of authenticity. You can’t have a real connection with others otherwise.
4)They embrace #vulnerability.
5)They have the willingness to say, ” I love you” first.
6) They have learned to breathe through difficult #life challenges.
7) When you truly connect with another, you will have more #Love & Joy in your life!