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Have You Been ( or are you) in Love With a Narcissist?

Be on the Look Out for the signs of a narcissist below.

In the beginning of a relationship
1) They will pursue you relentlessly.
2) Smooth Talkers
3) Heavy with the Romance
4) Available to you in the beginning but will want to rush toward commitment.
5) Won’t take No for an answer
6) You often feel the emotion of confusion

In the middle of the relationships

1) They become less available.
2) They will start to criticize regularly your every move.
3) They will get upset over trivial matters & things.
4) You will carry the weight of the relationship responsibility
5) And if something goes wrong it’s your fault.
6) You are still feel confused, perhaps annoyed.
7) Things don’t make sense.
8) Your logical questions are not quite ever answered.

As the relationship continues

1) The relationship could become stable but it’s very unhappy for you most of the time.
2) Women (or men) often wait for the nice guy/gal to return & come back.
3) Which they will but only IF they feel they have lost you, & only then.
4) There is no concern to meet your emotional needs while you are invested in the relationship.
5) They continue to blow up over trivial matters & blow things you have done out of proportion.
6) There is no equal division of labor in the relationship, they want you to do it all.
7) If they get caught up in a hobby they will devote all their time to it.
8) Your needs are on the last on their priority list, and are never quite fulfilled.
9) Confusion & frustration is the main emotion for you in this relationship now.
10) You might see evidence of involvement with other people when you thought the relationship
was monogamous.

If you are in a relationship like the one I described above, my friend, you might be in love with a narcissist.

Narcissist are so confusing that they drive people into therapy to get counseling help for their distress. There are reasons why you picked someone like this, it might be worthwhile to get some professional help, to help alleviate your ongoing distress & confusion.