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A Courage Challenge: What would be the most courageous thing for you to do?

What could you do that would stretch your courage muscle and make it stronger?

And I am not talking about the kind of courage that it takes to reach into a toilet bowl, after you dropped your watch in it, as courageous as that may be, but a different kind of interpersonal courage.

For instance: If you naturally default to wagging your finger in front of someone’s face when you are angry, or go on and on venting, then your most brave & courageous & adult exercise for you would be to sit and listen.

IF you naturally get quiet when someone is angry at you the most courageous thing for you to do, is to speak your mind ( in a calm way) and speak the truth as you see it.

If you typically bury your head in the sand when a family member is having a hard time, the more courageous thing to do for you is to reach out and offer your support.

If someone has hurt your feelings and your natural default is to get mean and nasty to them, then the more courageous thing for you to do would be to say (or show) that your feelings are/were hurt & show your saddness.

Someone elses default, might be your courageous path. The courageous path, is to do the more adult thing that requires bravery on your part, because it is a part of you that you have rarely expressed in the past.

Cruetly is never brave. It’s cheap and thug-like. If you don’t own growing yourself up, who will?

The more we own growing ourselves up, the more rich and fulfilling our connections with others will be.