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A Professional Therapist should Actively help you!

By Julie Morrell, MFT

Don’t pay a therapist to just sit there and just uh-huh you, as important as good listening skills are, pay a therapist to actively help you. An experienced professional therapist is worth their weight in gold, and can & should do something much more for you than a friend can do. Friends have a very important place in our lives, but they are not trained to actively help us with emotional problems. Can you imagine getting help and putting to rest an emotional problem or concern you have had for years? That’s the type of resolution and help you should expect from an experienced therapist who loves their work and can offer you the best of help available.

For example:
1) Anxiety problems can stem from a history of not feeling capable of freely speaking up for yourself. Maybe you had a controlling parent, or spouse?
Let’s get to the root of that for you.

2) Jealousy problems? Let’s take a look at your self-esteem and why it’s so low. Could it be that you might have made a decision that people are not trustworthy,
and you become jealous when your partner has conversations with someone else, because others are not to be trusted? This is just one reason why jealousy problems can manifest. And I am not talking about a spouse who might purposefully make you jealous.

3) Depressed? Let’s take a look at how socially isolated you might feel. A root issue for a depression problem is multi-fold, but it can at times stem from a need to protect
yourself from unsafe people and this stance was developed in childhoood, but becomes a habit in adulthood even when you do not need to protect yourself from unsafe people anymore. Of course there tends to be a physiological root to depression at times that might need to be examined as well.

4) Anger problems? Are you quick to anger? If someone is easily triggered and agitated, this often means that whatever emotion was triggered in addition to anger
that this emotion has a historical wound attached to it. Feeling disrespected or abandoned are common emotions attached to anger issues. For example; if you are easily upset by people telling you what to do, you might be easily provoked if someone sounds like they are trying to tell you what to do, creating an over reaction in you, even when it’s not the case. If you feel people are insulting your intelligence, it might be because people did insult you in your past and this created a wound in you that can easily be triggered even if someone is just trying to caution you.

A good therapist can help you heal from any of these emotional and psychological upsets and trauma. A counseling session involves much more than listening, a counseling
session involves a therapist actively helping you recover and heal from these past wounds and upsets, to the point that as time passes, you actually forget what you were upset about it in the first place. When that happens, and you realize you are not as easily upset about current events as you had been in the past, then you will know that the therapy has worked and you have moved into a much better, richer place in your life.
With all the ups and downs of real life, I wish for you a nourishing life as well as true & loyal friendships with people who know you well, enjoy interacting with you,
and truly love you in a way that leaves no doubt about how special you are to them. ~ Julie Morrell, MFT

How Does Therapy/Counseling Work?

By Julie Morrell, MFT

When you are hurting inside and you feel stuck in your life circumstance, seeing a professional will often times aid in helping you get unstuck from your current situation.  Therapy will often help you see your situation with more clarity, and path forward movement will start to emerge.
Talking and venting with friends and family members may help you feel better temporarily, but the friend and family member won’t be able to help you move beyond that stuck feeling.

Venting can feel good, but unfortunately it won’t take your life in a different direction. Well meaning friends are precious in providing a listening ear, however it’s very likely they do not have the skill or the expertise to help you make a change happen. With therapy, the therapist should be able to help you move away from that stuck feeling rather quickly. To the point where you can see what skills you might need to learn, or what trauma you might need to process and overcome.

And/or in addition a relationship resolution will begin to take place. To the point where you feel more skillful with your personal relationships and less bothered by people who in the past have annoyed you. In addition, there should be a sense on your part, that the therapist cares and understands your situation and your take on what’s going on in your life.

Counseling is a process of treatment where the therapist uses a variety of specialized caring techniques to help people overcome feelings of emotional pain, anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. Therapy can help you see your own path for self-improvement. On average my clients are often in therapy with me approximately 6 to 8 sessions.

Interestingly enough, those that are with me for less time, are often younger, and/or sometimes have had therapy before, but needed just a few more steps to connect the dots. Clients who are in therapy slightly longer typically have had some significant trauma in their past that needs to be processed.

If you recognize that you could benefit from seeking professional help, we will work together in identifying what your goals are, and you will see when you are making progress. As your personal therapy progresses you will begin to feel safe to talk more deeply about your more painful experiences in life that have caused you distress.  Becoming free from  distress means removing counter-porductive emotional patterns. And to begin to view yourself and others through a more compassionate perspective.

It is the beginning of talking about these things in therapy, you will eventually put them in a new and different perspective for yourself, that will help you make lasting positive changes in your life.

It takes great courage to take a deep look at ones life with another. I am blessed to work with the most courageous people on earth because taking a deep look into ones life and making changes is not for the faint at heart.

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